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Absolut Nass German wetlook page. Amateur (apparently original) wetlook.
Sites like Absolut Nass
Achtung Wetlookclips Wetlook clips from mainstream movies and TV. Membership required.
Sites like Achtung Wetlookclips
Akunavideo Producer of candid wetlook videos and pictures about real wetlook beach & foam parties, with lots of wet clothes, wet and white jeans, wet miniskirts and more!
Sites like Akunavideo
ALLWAM Pay site featuring still/video of women getting wet/messy, mostly in nice clothes. Part of EROMAXX.
Sites like ALLWAM
Ambers Wet And Dry Fantasies Subscription site - Amber and friends in nice outfits getting wet and messy. Amber is a "mature" woman; in the free pictures section, there are also a couple of teasers featuring "Thalia" - a younger woman.
Sites like Ambers Wet And Dry Fantasies
Aqua Entertainment Wet and messy pictures and videos for sale. Probably the biggest commercial producer in the genre.
Sites like Aqua Entertainment
Aqua Fantasies Wet and underwater images and videos
Sites like Aqua Fantasies
Aquagraphy Some spectacular wetlook and underwater photography
Sites like Aquagraphy
Artscene Aquantics wet and messy pictures and videos
Sites like Artscene Aquantics
Artscene/Aquantics alternate website New URL for Artscene(?) TBD
Sites like Artscene/Aquantics alternate website
BestWetYet Sites like BestWetYet
Buddyster's Wet Venues List A list of places you can go to find wetlook and enjoy getting wet… fountains, beaches, flume rides, etc.
Sites like Buddyster's Wet Venues List
Candyman French wetlook
Sites like Candyman
Carl Soak's Water & Foam Page Mostly candid shots of people getting drenched in everyday (mostly casual) clothing
Sites like Carl Soak's Water & Foam Page
Celebs Underwater Large collection of mostly vidcaps of female celebrities under water.
Sites like Celebs Underwater
Concorde Wetlook New site under development. Modest collection of wetlook pics from various sources. Promises to display original content in the near future
Sites like Concorde Wetlook
Crazy Girls Wet and messy images
Sites like Crazy Girls
Dear wet friend! Welcome! I like a shower with lots of champoo inside my clothes and my black shoes, wunderful feeling! Seeking woman 35-55 years old. Welcome to share some wet momories and perhaps experiances... Arne Svensson
Sites like Dear wet friend!
Disco Alpha Kandel Candid pictures from a foam/pool party.
Sites like Disco Alpha Kandel
Dorys Foltin Photography Professional photographer specializing in underwater photography, including custom glamour wedding pics!
Sites like Dorys Foltin Photography
Dreamnet: Alexi - In the shower Sites like Dreamnet: Alexi - In the shower
DVB WAM Clips Vidcaps and clips from several messy UK shows including Ministy of Mayhem
Sites like DVB WAM Clips
Ebony Mermaids Wetlook pictures; site specializes in pictures of dark-skinned models
Sites like Ebony Mermaids
Ebony Mermaids Photography Site Sites like Ebony Mermaids Photography Site
EE Fully Clothed Wetlook Productions Fully clothed girls showering, swimming, playing in fountains, etc. This is now Erik Elsas' main site.
Sites like EE Fully Clothed Wetlook Productions
Eva at the beach "Eva" goes for a swim in a green latex dress
Sites like Eva at the beach
Eva in the bathtub "Eva" takes a bath in a gold latex dress
Sites like Eva in the bathtub
Eva in the shower "Eva" takes a shower in a gold latex dress
Sites like Eva in the shower
Evyked/Christel Dressy messy fun. Several series of pictures of a shapely girl getting her nice business-style outfits (jackets, skirts, stockings, shoes) covered in all sorts of food. Messy only - no wetlook; obscured faces.
Sites like Evyked/Christel
FETS Not sure what the site is really about (in French), but this link contains some very nice wetlook (also contains some nudity).
Sites like FETS
Foam Party Page Pictures of people having fun playing in foam
Sites like Foam Party Page
Foam Party Pictures Pictures of people having fun playing in foam
Sites like Foam Party Pictures
Foam World Foam party pictures
Sites like Foam World
German wetlook site TBD. Got the URL from the forum, haven't seen the site yet.
Sites like German wetlook site
Get-Wet Women getting wet (shower/tub/pool) in nice clothes. Part of EROMAXX.
Sites like Get-Wet
Gleny Wet Sweater Small portion of a non-wetlook site featuring a pretty young woman soaking some sweaters. Several series include some pics indoors in the shower (also playing with shaving cream/whipped cream, playing in the hot tub, and soaking under an outdoor shower.
Sites like Gleny Wet Sweater
Global Fetish Directory - Wetlook Wetlook links at a fetish directory site
Sites like Global Fetish Directory - Wetlook
Goo Erotica WAM site... possible successor to Artscene/Aquantics TBD.
Sites like Goo Erotica
GP Video Glamour wetlook videos for sale. Models wear dressy outfits - skirts, heels, business suits, dresses etc. and find all sorts of ways to get soaked - bath, shower, pool, hot tub, beach. Some minor messy (shaving foam).
Sites like GP Video
Guestbook in honour of the late Rob Blaine Guestbook created for the memory of Rob Blaine
Sites like Guestbook in honour of the late Rob Blaine
Gunge in the U.K. Catalog of wet and messy scenes from British T.V.
Sites like Gunge in the U.K.
Heavenly Heels Wet and messy heels
Sites like Heavenly Heels
Heels & Legs Gorgeous brunette model Christina dresses in nice outfits and enjoys water, bubbles, and a little mess.
Sites like Heels & Legs
How to Throw Your Own Foam Party Site give instructions on constructing a foam machine, creating a dance floor to hold foam, and includes other useful hints regarding setup and cleanup.
Sites like How to Throw Your Own Foam Party
Iness Yahoo Group Iness has a rainwear/shiny clothing group on Yahoo. Membership restricted.
Sites like Iness Yahoo Group
Interwet Casual, some candid, some glamour pics
Sites like Interwet
Isabelle wet French woman named (Isabelle) gets wet in dressy outfits. She also has several like-minded friends.
Sites like Isabelle wet
JAPANESE WETLOOK PICS One of the most famous Site of Wetlook Pictures of Japanese Girls.
JET-Wet Fun Todd and Jennifer's wetlook page - evolved from webshots postings
Sites like JET-Wet Fun
Julia's Water World A young woman has started up a site to share her enjoyment of wet clothing. A small collection as of Oct/2001. She doesn't show her face, mostly casual clothes so far.
Sites like Julia's Water World
Just Another Wetlook Site Candid wetlook - women in fountains, at the beach
Sites like Just Another Wetlook Site
JW's Wetlook 2000 Sites like JW's Wetlook 2000
JW's Wetlook Vidcaps Various stills and video clips of women getting wet
Sites like JW's Wetlook Vidcaps
JW's Wetlook Vidcaps (new URL) Site has been relocated here
Sites like JW's Wetlook Vidcaps (new URL)
Kamchan Very large collection of glamour and candid wetlook. Some obscurred faces
Sites like Kamchan
Katie's World An attractive young lady with an extensive gallery of pictures of herself. Various outfits, situations, and poses. Among them only a small number of wetlook pics (look under portfolio galleries 52, 20, 21, and 22).
Sites like Katie's World
Kat's Like it Wet A young couple who like to get wet and share pictures. Site features "Kat" - a voluptous dark-haired girl in many gorgeous outfits. Site recently rebuilt at a new URL
Sites like Kat's Like it Wet
Kirstaspot This is a tribute to the late Kirsta Breunig whos love for being wet in clothing, it didn't mater what kind showed in all her photo's and the three "H2O" videos she made. Vincent Dederer See also Kirstaspot mirror site
Sites like Kirstaspot
Kirstaspot (mirror site) Mirror for the Kirstaspot tribute site.
Sites like Kirstaspot (mirror site)
Larry's Wetlook Page Wetlook pictures and features, including a chat room!
Sites like Larry's Wetlook Page
Lea's pictures Original wetlook pictures... various clothes (mostly skirts, stockings, and boots), tends to focus mostly on boots. Some pictures contain nudity; pictures do not show Lea's face (out of frame in most shots, in-frame and blurred in a few cases).
Sites like Lea's pictures
LEONMOOMIN One lad's tribute to his well-dressed wetlook girlfriend
LEONMOOMIN'S At The Fountains Candid wetlook photos
Sites like LEONMOOMIN'S At The Fountains
Liquid Ladies (MSN) WeinerKing's MSN site
Sites like Liquid Ladies (MSN)
Liquid Ladies (Tripod) Amateur wetlook/underwater - various clothes
Sites like Liquid Ladies (Tripod)
LiquidLadies (Weinerking) Amateur wetlook/underwater - various clothes
Sites like LiquidLadies (Weinerking)
Lisa Bubbles A friend of Wet Free Spirit. She does very similar shoots in a similar range of outfits - from casual to dressy.
Sites like Lisa Bubbles
Lou´s wet pages On this site are many pictures of wet clothes. This site is in german and english
Sites like Lou´s wet pages
Lou's Pool Party Page Sites like Lou's Pool Party Page
Lou's WaterWorld videos Wetlook videos for sale
Sites like Lou's WaterWorld videos
Marjorie's wetlook site Latest incarnation of Marjorie's site. She loves to get wet in dressy outfits complete with heels and stockings
Sites like Marjorie's wetlook site
Messy Fun Rob Blaine's WAM site. I think it's fair to say that this is/was a WAM benchmark. Messy Fun has been taken over by new owners who are maintaining the site
Sites like Messy Fun
Messy Nikki home page Wet and messy shoes and socks
Sites like Messy Nikki home page
Mud Puddle Visuals A wet and Messy archive - material by subscription
Sites like Mud Puddle Visuals
Mustang Mermaids Underwater glamour; mostly bathing suits
Sites like Mustang Mermaids
Mystic Visions Photography by Ron Brown of Alma
Sites like Mystic Visions
Nasse Klamotten German wetlook page
Sites like Nasse Klamotten
Niccos Wet Web Alternate URL for Nicco's Wet Web (Froggy and love parade pics)
Sites like Niccos Wet Web
Nicco's Wet Web Women in wet clothes - features glamour pics of "Froggy" and candid pics of Berlin "Loveparades". Best way I can think of to describe Froggy in wet jeans and t-shirt is "sultry".
Sites like Nicco's Wet Web
Nikki Underwater Underwater photography, including some photos of women underwater in dressy outfits
Sites like Nikki Underwater
OASIS Video Glamour wetlook videos
Sites like OASIS Video
OCEANIDES Underwater artistic photography
Sites like OCEANIDES
Office Lady Japanese site featuring wetlook and messy pictures - business suits, dressy clothes.
Sites like Office Lady
On the Beach Candid pictures of women at the beach getting wet in all sorts of clothes. Mostly casual wear (jeans), but some skirts and dresses.
Sites like On the Beach
OTAKU "Cloth" pages Dressy "glamour" pictures - obscured faces
Sites like OTAKU "Cloth" pages
Otuhime-Label (?) Japanese wetlook - wide variety of clothing shot at a beach. Some faceless, but not all.
Sites like Otuhime-Label (?)
Pimprenelle et Pimpon A pretty young woman playing and posing in the water in various outfits - generally more casual than dressy. Text in French
Sites like Pimprenelle et Pimpon
Pippa's Place WAM - lots of latex, PVC etc., mostly mud, some wetlook
Sites like Pippa's Place
Please Tease Me Pay site featuring Morgan Miles, but includes a free section, and includes several other models. Glamour wetlook; ladies wear a variety of clothing including night wear, business wear, cocktail dresses, jeans and casual.
Sites like Please Tease Me
Purzels Homepage Sites like Purzels Homepage
Purzel's Wet and Messy Homepage assorted wetllook and messy pictures
Sites like Purzel's Wet and Messy Homepage
RS Productions Original glamour wetlook from Holland. A pay site. Women in various types of clothes indoor (pool, shower) and outdoor
Sites like RS Productions
Selfish Actress Japanese site... lots of wetlook pics, some messy, nice clothes, no visible faces.
Sites like Selfish Actress
ShampooGirl She shampoos her hair, often getting her clothes soaked in the process.
Sites like ShampooGirl
ShampooPuppets Women shampooing their hair and nice clothes. Still/video images. Part of EROMAXX.
Sites like ShampooPuppets
Shawna's Soaking Site Shawna's Soaking Site is a soaked page about Aquatapes model Shawna. She appears since her 18th birthday in 1997 in several wetlook and underwater video shoots
Sites like Shawna's Soaking Site
Shiny Iness Mostly rubber, latex, PVC pics (dry), but there have been some wetlook pics. Now forwards to a Yahoo group (23-May-2002)
Sites like Shiny Iness
Shower / Aquarius Mostly faceless glamour wetlook - dressy clothes
Sites like Shower / Aquarius
Slip Kittens Several all original photo galleries featuring sexy women wearing wet slips and lingerie. (No Nudity)
Sites like Slip Kittens
Soaked Through Bob (amateur photographer/webmaster) presents wetlook pics of Sandra, his pretty girlfriend.
Sites like Soaked Through
Soaking Stars Just as the site name says... TV, movie, and music stars clothed and wet!
Sites like Soaking Stars
Soaking Stars Message Pool A message board containing fictional stories, mostly themed on female celebrities in various situations that get them wet. This is all that presently remains of the old "Soaking Stars" website
Sites like Soaking Stars Message Pool Glamour wetlook from the UK. This is a pay site but does contain a free section. Ladies dressed in a variety of clothing from casual to dressy, nightwear to office wear.
Sites like
Souther Charms: Abigale - white sweater and pantyhose She wears a white sweater and pantyhose in a bubble bath. Takes off the sweater part way through to reveal a see-through white blouse.
Sites like Souther Charms: Abigale - white sweater and pantyhose
Southern Charms: Aaron - White dress in the rain She wears a thin white dress in the rain. The dress gets soaked and almost completely see-through.
Sites like Southern Charms: Aaron - White dress in the rain
Southern Charms: Adena - Jeans and T in the shower She wears her jeans and T-shirt into the shower but removes almost everything quite quickly.
Sites like Southern Charms: Adena - Jeans and T in the shower
Southern Charms: Angelle - Wedding Dress In a pool in a wedding dress-style boudoir costume.
Sites like Southern Charms: Angelle - Wedding Dress
Southern Charms: Ashley Dawn - White tank top in the hot tub She wears a white tank top in the hot tub, which goes very see-through
Sites like Southern Charms: Ashley Dawn - White tank top in the hot tub
Southern Charms: Lil Tramp - Jeans and Tank Top She wears jeans and tank top into the shower. She removes everything part way through
Sites like Southern Charms: Lil Tramp - Jeans and Tank Top
Southern Charms: Michelle - denim shorts and tank top She wears a dark tank top and denim shorts into the shower.
Sites like Southern Charms: Michelle - denim shorts and tank top
Southern Charms: Reese - Jeans and white top She gets soaked by a garden hose. Nearly naked by the end of the series.
Sites like Southern Charms: Reese - Jeans and white top
Southern Charms: Shellie - T-Shirt in the shower She takes a shower wearing a t-shirt, which she removes part way through.
Sites like Southern Charms: Shellie - T-Shirt in the shower
Southern Charms: Victoria - Dress in the hot tub She wears a nice dress in the hot tub, but takes it off.
Sites like Southern Charms: Victoria - Dress in the hot tub
Southern Charms: Yasmin UK - Little Black Dress Yasmin in black dress and stockings soaks in the bath tub (she removes her high-heeled shoes first).
Sites like Southern Charms: Yasmin UK - Little Black Dress
Splosh Wet and Messy movies, magazines, and pictures
Sites like Splosh
Stormy Waters Photographer's portfolio page on OneModelPlace. Some great wetlook - a number of different models in a variety of settings and outfits.
Sites like Stormy Waters
Stormy Waters' Flickr page Stormy Waters' invitation-only wetlook gallery. Gorgeous models, great outfits. Lots of see-through tops.
Sites like Stormy Waters' Flickr page
Styx Free World Free site for Styx Wet World. Mostly well-dressed women getting soaked in all sorts of ways
Sites like Styx Free World
Styx Wet World All glamour wetlook pay site. Mostly well-dressed women getting soaked in all sorts of ways.
Sites like Styx Wet World
The Great Canadian Wam Co Videos of pretty women, mostly getting pied. Lots of photos on the site, possibly some wetlook.
Sites like The Great Canadian Wam Co
The Jean Pool Pictures of people getting wet in jeans
Sites like The Jean Pool
The Long Hair Site Site about long hair which is just happens to include some wetlook content. Some of the wetlook is really first-rate!
Sites like The Long Hair Site
The New Wet Clothing Chat Forum - Wetlook World Chat This forum is administered by of Minx Movies but is provided as an independent forum for general discussions and information
Sites like The New Wet Clothing Chat Forum - Wetlook World Chat
The Wet and Messy Shoe Page Beautiful girls get their high heels wet messy and muddy.
Sites like The Wet and Messy Shoe Page
The Wet and Messy Shoe Page Women's dressy shoes - wet and messy. This page is somewhat commercial
Sites like The Wet and Messy Shoe Page
The Wetlook Page Wetlook images and links. When reviewed 23-May-2002 seemed to have severe bandwidth issues.
Sites like The Wetlook Page
The Wetting Album Glamour wetlook pictures and candid pictures of people having a lot of fun; stories too!
Sites like The Wetting Album
Todd's Internet Wetlook Stories Site Wet clothing stories site
Sites like Todd's Internet Wetlook Stories Site
Todd's wet stories site Appears to be a repeat of another wet story site on xoom.
Sites like Todd's wet stories site
Toshiko My Room Mostly faceless glamour wetlook - dressy clothes
Sites like Toshiko My Room
Total Wetlook Wetlook images - women in all sorts of attire from wedding dresses to jeans swimming, splashing, or otherwise getting soaked
Sites like Total Wetlook
Twillins Wet American football jerseys and sports kit Sites like Twillins Wet American football jerseys and sports kit
Ultimate Messy Directory Extensive list of wet and messy links
Sites like Ultimate Messy Directory
Ultimate Messy Directory (Wetlook section) An extensive list of wet links (also known as "Ultimate Wetlook Directory")
Sites like Ultimate Messy Directory (Wetlook section)
UMD Chat Room Chat room for Ultimate Messy Directory. Theme is more messy than wetlook.
Sites like UMD Chat Room
Underwater Fashion A small collection of pretty women posing in nice clothes, underwater
Sites like Underwater Fashion
Underwater Modelling Web site highlighting photographers that have specialised in underwater modelling
Sites like Underwater Modelling
Vintage Wetlook Vintage Wetlook. Lots of pics (almost all black and white) from various contributors, shot in the 40s through to 90s.
Sites like Vintage Wetlook
WackyWet Men in wet clothing
Sites like WackyWet
wadps ahaa A few pictures of a girl in blue jeans and red top taking a shower
Sites like wadps ahaa
WAM Chat Flash-based chat room with separate rooms for WAM and wetlook, lots of nifty features.
Sites like WAM Chat
WAM Christina Christina has a huge range of photos and lots of free pics of herself playing in the mud and in the rivers, most are in latex/PVC outfits and mostly in huge heels, thigh high boots etc, but also some casual sportswear and denim pics, lots of wet pics
Sites like WAM Christina
WAM Fox Combination of wetlook and messy material
Sites like WAM Fox
WAM Theme World / WAM Venture World Assorted WAM images
Sites like WAM Theme World / WAM Venture World
WAM TV Vidcap's Sites like WAM TV Vidcap's
WAMTEC Wet and Messy Tape Exchange Club
Sites like WAMTEC
WamtecVCDs Sites like WamtecVCDs
Wash My Hair Site is primarily devoted to hair washing, but there are picture series which include wet and/or soapy clothing.
Sites like Wash My Hair
WasserStoff Candid wetlook
Sites like WasserStoff
Water Paradise Mostly faceless glamour wetlook - dressy clothes
Sites like Water Paradise
Waterclothes - The Art of Wet Clothing Vid caps from various mainstream movies containing mostly men in wet clothes. I know that several of the clips also include wet women, but they are not vidcapped.
Sites like Waterclothes - The Art of Wet Clothing
WAVE Movies Wet T-shirts, see-through tops. WAVE movies describes their product line as "damsel in distress" videos. Appears to be a fair bit of bondage with some wetlook thrown in (incidental rather than featured). Nice gallery of wet pics on the site.
Sites like WAVE Movies
Wet Mostly faceless glamour wetlook - dressy clothes
Sites like Wet
wet [male] picts of my holidays at sea and some wet picts of my wife Sites like wet [male] picts of my holidays at sea and some wet picts of my wife
wet [male]downcoatswim Hi! I go for a clothed swim almost every week! Here are the picts!
Sites like wet [male]downcoatswim
Wet and Messy Crossdresser A guy (straight) who enjoys women's clothing... a photo gallery
Sites like Wet and Messy Crossdresser
Wet and Wild Another gay male site
Sites like Wet and Wild
Wet Celebrities German wet celebrity photo site
Sites like Wet Celebrities
Wet Clothes Brazil Brazilian wet cothing site (non-english language)
Sites like Wet Clothes Brazil
Wet Clothing Club Berlin Lots of wet pictures; some dressy, some casual. Mostly women in the bath/shower.
Sites like Wet Clothing Club Berlin
Wet Clothing Pictures from Brazil Lots of glamour pictures, many from "The Girl". Many see-through images, partial nudity. Some candid wetlook from pool/hot tub parties.
Sites like Wet Clothing Pictures from Brazil
Wet Fashion - German wetlook video Various wetlook videos for sale - contains a gallery of stills from the videos offered. Mostly wet, some messy; various types of clothing ranging from dressy to business wear to casual.
Sites like Wet Fashion - German wetlook video
Wet Fashion Fun Wetlook photo club with more than 1000 pictures in two resolutions. Around 50 free wetlook pictures and greeting cards.
Sites like Wet Fashion Fun
Wet FLIX and PIX Photos and video clips of women in wet clothes
Sites like Wet FLIX and PIX
Wet Free Spirit As the site name suggests. Was a substantial gallery of original pics, operating as a pay site. Most pics now taken down.
Sites like Wet Free Spirit
Wet Free Spirit (geocities) As the site name suggests. Wet free spirit has opened a new site, and this one is no longer being maintained.
Sites like Wet Free Spirit (geocities)
WET ITALIAN HEELS Primarily focused on wet shoes/boots, some wet dress pics and other wet shoe links
Wet Jeans and Things Wet Jeans
Sites like Wet Jeans and Things
Wet Kahuna Pure wetlook; dressy and casual, around, in, and under water.
Sites like Wet Kahuna
Wet Kahuna Pure glamour wetlook. A stable of pretty female models in a variety of outfits (including footwear) from jeans to wedding gowns and just about everything in between, put on fashion shows where a pool is the stage.
Sites like Wet Kahuna
Wet Merlot Her new site... all wetlook, nice outfits. She values her anonymity, so she usually looks away from the camera.
Sites like Wet Merlot
Wet on the Net a small collection of assorted wetlook pics
Sites like Wet on the Net
Wet Site Story Japanese site featuring dressy wetlook - business suits, uniforms. Faces are blurred.
Sites like Wet Site Story
Wet Tales Wet story archive
Sites like Wet Tales
WetCasual's Wetlook Webpage Assorted wetlook photos
Sites like WetCasual's Wetlook Webpage
Wetfan's Classic Wetlook Photography Vintage (mostly amateur) wetlook from decades past. Lots of dressy outfits
Sites like Wetfan's Classic Wetlook Photography
WetGirl German wet and messy site
Sites like WetGirl
WETINRED Wetlook still images and clips, many from mainstream movies and TV.
Sites like WETINRED
--WETLOOK--- Substantial collection of wetlook pictures from various sources.
Sites like --WETLOOK---
Wetlook Celebrities Successor to the old soaking stars site. Still photo galleries of various celebrities.
Sites like Wetlook Celebrities
Wetlook Forum Discussion forum about wetlook. Many features include the ability to post pictures, maintain your own gallery, and exchange messages privately.
Sites like Wetlook Forum
Wetlook Forum Archive An archive from Nigel's Wetlook Forum. I am adding this "sight unseen" because it wasn't responding when I tried to look at it. The site was apparently created as an experiment so may not be stable (you may have trouble getting into it).
Sites like Wetlook Forum Archive
Wetlook forum archive This is an archive of all the postings on Nigel's wetlook forum (
Sites like Wetlook forum archive
Wetlook Online German-based wetlook pay-site. Appears to be all original content, high-quality pictures. Only one model, but she's very attractive and appears in a variety of outfits and situations.
Sites like Wetlook Online
wetlook university Sites like wetlook university
Wetlook Unlimited Just opened... one series of dressy pics of a pretty girl named Jessica
Sites like Wetlook Unlimited
Wetlook Wonderland A personal perspective by a gent who enjoys playing in the water. Features pictures of himself.
Sites like Wetlook Wonderland
wetlookdvd This wetlook site has got great pictures of girls in wet clothing. "Into the water part 1" is the first in a serie of wetlook-dvd's. You can download the movietrailer and buy the dvd.
Sites like wetlookdvd
wetlookjeans All for wetjeanslovers
Sites like wetlookjeans
WF Wetlook Page German wetlook (english text available)
Sites like WF Wetlook Page
WILD WILD WET Japanese wet and/or messy pictures; dressy/formal clothing - skirts, suits, blouses
Sites like WILD WILD WET
Winter Swimming A site dedicated to winter swimming
Sites like Winter Swimming
World of Achelous Assorted wetlook - mostly gathered from German sites
Sites like World of Achelous
WSM Productions Wet and messy videos for sale, images viewable in the member's area by subscription
Sites like WSM Productions
Yahoo! Clubs wetlookencyclopedia Sites like Yahoo! Clubs wetlookencyclopedia
Zoey's Wetlook MSN community page by a wetlook enthusiast in Montreal Canada. Large picture collection (not original), stories, video reviews, interviews.
Sites like Zoey's Wetlook
Zoom magazine Youths (male and female) in wet clothes.
Sites like Zoom magazine

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